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This premier subdivision has a lot of amenities and facilities to offer. Foremost is the safety and security for the homeowners and their families. There is 24 x 7 security monitoring.  This is also a gated community with a guard house so you can be sure that you and love ones are always protected. What’s more: there is a signage at the entrance of this subdivision and anybody would be welcomed openly with its imposing and majestic entrance. 

For the kids, there’s a playground where they can run, jostle and play with the other kids – perhaps your neighbors and those in the community. As you spend socializing with the rest of the kids, your nanny or parent can watch over and do other things. The kids can play to their hearts content and you need not worry since your kids are safe in your own property – literally a few steps away from your own home.  There are other play areas around the vicinity so parents do not have to bring their kids outside the subdivision, as everything can be taken cared of here. There are also palm groves and lawn areas around where the young and adults can just chill and lounge around while relaxing during or weekdays. 

For those who are active or who want to be healthy – a fitness center is where you can do your daily workout routines, either alone or with your family. You can even make this your daily bonding time with spouse, children, parents or siblings. Jog, run, walk, hop, tumble, press, jump, hop, lift and crunch those tired bodies. You are on your way to a healthy mind and active body if you happen to do your exercises everyday. A great bonding experience, too, so this must be a fun and exciting activity. 

There is also a function room that you can use right here in your neighborhood. Whether you’re just meeting up friends or bonding with love ones for special events or occasions like birthdays, wedding showers, baptismal parties, debut, graduations or promotions – this is a good place where you can hold it since no need for you to go out of your home and spend time and effort outside. 

Dining in style? Do it right at the subdivision’s coffee shop cum dining? You can while away your time here or invite friends over – it is so convenient for you, just   a few steps away from your own home. 

Within the big grounds of the subdivision is also an open plaza and a parking area. There is also a church inside the property for all homeowners so this is very accessible for them.  There is also an events place nearby. Retail stores are also within the community so the ladies of the house would be happy to know this. You can shop anytime of the day and it will be fast and easy. Pretty cool, isn’t it? 

There’s also a pool area with a pool deck – something that will really excite and please the whole family.  You can plan and organize swimming parties with friends and neighbors.  Have some time off and just lounge around as you bask in the sun. Drink your favorite coolers. Read a book. Or just enjoy your time and frolic in the water with your love ones. Make these rare times count as you cherish these memories later on in life. 

 Inside the property is also a water feature that lends a park-like ambiance to the whole community. Relax and indulge your own sweet time walking around the community. 

Lastly, an administration office is available for you if you have any issues, complaints, problems or issues that you have within your own home or the entire neighborhood, these can easily be taken cared of. You will just have the management’s representatives on standby to look after them and provide you the solutions, no matter how serious or urgent they may be. Isn’t that wonderful?

  • Church 
  • Events Place 
  • Retail Stores
  • Open Plaza
  • Parking Area 
  • Dropping-off Area 
  • Signage 
  • Water Feature 
  • Admin Office 
  • Pool Area
  • Pool Deck 
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Play Area 
  • Palm Grove 
  • Lawn Area 
  • Spillover Area 
  • Children's Playground 
  • Function Room 
  • Fitness Center 
  • Dining 
  • Coffee Shop
  • Gated Community 
  • Guard house 
  • Main Entry Statement
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