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Antel : Anyana Subdivision For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Maxine ₱ 4,704,000 FA: 80 sqm / LA: 100 sqm
Tokyo ₱ 5,266,000 FA: 107 sqm / LA: 100 sqm
Natalia ₱ 6,029,856 FA: 130 sqm / LA: 100 sqm
New York ₱ 6,480,000 FA: 130 sqm / LA: 125 sqm
Francesca ₱ 7,143,696 FA: 157 sqm / LA: 125 sqm
Paris ₱ 9,246,000 FA: 187 sqm / LA: 150 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 2,106,000 100 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 2,632,500 125 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 3,180,060 150 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 4,043,520 192 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Bank Financing
Reservation: Php 20,000 - 30,000 depending on property type
Interest : 8%
Downpayment: 20% payable in 28-30 months
Balance: 80% payable up to 20 years

It is best to invest now while you’re a young professional on the verge of the peak of your career or maybe as a businessman striking the gold while hot or perhaps a couple starting to grow a family.  As you work and toil hard for your love ones, invest in a dream home that’s perfect and too  good to be true. Why, it’s even located in a refreshing and vibrant community where you can get all you want with all the conveniences? Truly, comfortable living combined with a relaxing ambiance is what you will experience at ANYANA TANZA. What is there to look for?  This is the life – a life filled with all dreams fulfilled and the love and support of people who matter most to you, your family and love ones.


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